Born in 1950, in middle England.

Trained and gained a degree in Fine Art (painting).

From the early 1970‘s commissioned by numerous publishing companies - both in the U.K. and internationally - to produce S.F. work.

Worked on book jackets (a great many), film concepts, and advertising.

Lives and paints in rural Sussex (U.K.) with wife and low hounds.

the artworks:

All the paintings shown in the following gallery pages were produced during what is regarded by many as a golden age for British science fiction illustration.

Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, the genre enjoyed a flourishing interest, with major novels, films and, of course, illustration, pushing the frontiers of how the genre was depicted. 

In the U.K. at that time, artists such as Chris Foss, Jim Burns, John Harris and I enjoyed ourselves enormously manipulating the visual conventions of S.F.

I was privileged to be invited to to be commissioned to illustrate the work of some of the pantheon of S.F. writers - Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Robert Heinlein and Ursula Guin among others, and to work as concept artist  on film projects with the multi-Oscar-winning film maker, Roger Christian.

S.F fans and collectors soon began to realise the value of acquiring this  original art. Major London Auction houses joined the zeitgeist by holding specialist fantasy/s.f sales.

These were exciting times! 

Since the late 1980’s I began moving away from the genre, concentrating solely on fine art painting, so the work available for purchase here is from an ever diminishing and limited resource. 

So purchase while you can!


the science fiction years